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Why Choose Endgame for Your Radon Testing?

Radon is a natural, radioactive gas which is produced when uranium in the Earth’s crust decays, and turns into radium. Outdoors, radon will naturally dissipate harmlessly into the atmosphere as it rises through the crust. But in homes, it can become trapped, which is dangerous for you and your family because radon is extremely carcinogenic and the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer (1st cause is smoking).

Radon Levels in New York

This map from the EPA shows where elevated levels of radon have been discovered in New York and categorized into 3 zones based on these predicted average indoor radon levels:

  • Zone 1: >4 pCi/L (highest)
  • Zone 2: 2-4 pCi/L
  • Zone 3: <2 pCi/L

No matter which zone you live in, your home may be exposed to elevated levels of dangerous radon gas. This map is based on averages so even if you’re in Zone 3, it’s a good idea to have your home tested for radon for the safety of your family.

epa radon map new york

Source: epa.gov

What is Radon Testing?

Radon testing is the only way to determine if your home has dangerous levels of radon. While you can go buy a home test kit from a hardware store, you can get more accurate results by hiring a professional. Professional radon testers use high-quality equipment and are trained to place the testing device in areas of your home where elevated radon levels are the most likely to be found.

At Endgame Home Inspection Services, our inspectors use the Breeze Radon monitoring system. The inspector begins by placing the radon monitor in the lowest livable area of the property and initiate the testing process. The inspector will leave the device at the property and instruct inhabitants not to move or touch the monitoring system. The testing process lasts for 48 hours. During this time, the device records radon levels, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and tampering. After 48 hours, the inspector will retrieve the device and send a report with results and recommendations.

How Much Does A Radon Test Cost?

Endgame Home Inspection Services offers discounted radon testing services when purchased in addition with a full home inspection.

  • Radon test with home inspection – $100 $50 Limited Offer
  • Radon test without home inspection – $150

Use promo code RADON50 when scheduling your radon test online to take advantage of the discount.

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Test Your Home And Keep Your Family Safe

Radon testing is the only way to know for sure that your home doesn’t have elevated levels of radon. Schedule your radon test today and keep your family safe from the dangers of radon!