What Do I Do With My Home Inspection Report?

You had a home inspection and just bought your dream home. Now the fun begins. You have the home inspector’s report, which shows all the deficiencies found during the home inspection. Where do you start?

Make a list of all the projects you have to do. Then prioritize the items you wish to get done first. Then decide which projects you have to hire a professional for and those you can do with a little help from some YouTube videos.

So, what does your to-do list look like

  • Replace water tank: You are going to need a professional for this unless you have some skills.
  • Repair several sections of roof and gutters: Probably a good idea to hire a professional here.
  • Replace the kitchen faucet: If you are handy, you and YouTube can take it on.
  • Patch some holes in the drywall: Easy peasy, you can do it.
  • Replace the dining room light: A little advanced. Just remember to turn the power off to the light.
  • Paint the interior: Go for it. Just use some tarps to keep your furniture from getting painted lime green.
  • Repair the gas furnace. Leave this one to the pros.

You get the idea. The really hard part is getting started and, of course, coming up with the cash to fund your little adventures. You need to come up with a budget that works for you and stick to it. Everything does not have to be done in one fell swoop. You and your spouse can work and learn together on weekends as you knock out those smaller, easier to do projects. The satisfaction you will both get from having done something together is immense.

Whether you decide to tackle these projects yourself or farm them out to professionals, you should download our famous (and free) home maintenance manual.

Should you have purchased a new, just built home, you need to consider having an 11-month warranty inspection by one of the best home inspectors. The reason for this is that a new home generally has a 1-year builder’s warranty. So bring in a home inspector to go through and find any issues that should be repaired by the home builder and save you the out of pocket expenses.

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