If you are in the market for a new house, chances are you’ve done seemingly endless research, gone to open houses, talked to realtors, and more all to try to find the house of your dreams. Now let’s say you’ve narrowed down your choices to a few top-notch home choices. They all seem great, but how do you know you are getting a good deal, not getting ripped off, etc.? Getting a home inspection can prove invaluable to anyone on the hunt for a new home.

Home inspections are absolutely essential to anyone looking to purchase a new home. These are often huge, multiple decade investments, not to mention the place you will be spending nearly all of your time once your purchase is finalized. Getting an inspection can be relatively cheap, especially compared to the long-term costs that can accumulate if an inspection is not done. They truly can pay for themselves in the long run.

If any issues are found with the home, sellers will often fix the issues found in order to get their home sold faster. For example, if something is found to be wrong with the roof and the problem is found by a home inspector, the seller will most likely fix the roof before selling you the house. This is a much better option than you spending your own time and money on an expensive, and extensive, repair. The other possibility, given the same example, is that the homeowner would ask less for the home, allowing you to make the repair yourself with the difference in cost. Either way, you end up with a house with far fewer issues.

If the potential benefits weren’t enough, there are real consequences for not getting a home inspection. Problems with everything from the roof to the foundation could become safety issues, and not knowing these exist until buying the house could mean a huge amount of unplanned work to do after putting in this massive investment. Additionally, some insurance companies require an inspection of some kind before they will agree to insure a newly acquired home. This also usually means you cannot get approval for your mortgage, and that probably means you cannot buy your new home.

With so many benefits to getting a home inspection, and so many risks if you choose not to, it seems like a no-brainer for anyone looking at buying a new property. However, the most common reason people forgo this activity is the perceived cost. With so many other expenses involved with buying a home, it can be overwhelming. But the home inspectors at Endgame Home Inspection Services LLC will do thorough home inspections in and around Syracuse, NY, starting at just $400. At this price, pretty much any issue they find that you are able to negotiate with the home seller for would effectively pay for the price of the inspection. And with median home price hovering around $225,000 in the US, an extra $400 is nothing compared to the peace of mind a home inspection will provide you.

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