Falling into the Sewer…

Sewers, a dirty place. When the sewer lateral from your house to the main sewer line (or septic tank) is backed up you need the help of a professional plumber. Hopefully, you don’t find out about the problem after it has already backed up into your house.

Getting Your Sewer Line Checked

Today we are going to discuss why it is a very good idea, for you, as a home buyer to have the sewer line checked with a camera when you get your home inspection. Although issues are mainly found in older homes, there are instances when even a new home may have a problem sewer line.

During a normal home inspection, a home inspector will run a large amount of water through the sewer system to check for backups. All may appear to be well if there is no obvious backup, however, the sewer line may be still significantly blocked or draining into the earth short of the septic or main sewer line.

The only way to know for sure if there is an issue in the line is to run a sewer camera into the system.

Sewer lines in older neighborhoods are more at risk to issues such as pipe deterioration, tree root growth into the pipe or pipes settling which can cause bellies where sewer waste will pool. This will eventually lead to a blockage. Any of these issues will be costly to repair. From several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Do you, as a home buyer want to move into your new house and have your sewer back up a few weeks later?

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